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In the realm of innovation and cutting-edge cloud technology, CloudFest is the one event that rules them all. This year was no exception, with CloudFest USA ‘23 being the most highly anticipated cloud technology conference in the USA – bringing together hosting industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts from all sizes under one roof in Texas for an unforgettable Cloud & Hosting experience.

As always, CloudFest provided an invaluable platform to connect with like-minded individuals, foster new partnerships, and exchange valuable ideas to shape the future of web hosting altogether. Powered by cPanel, this year’s event saw a shower of new features and innovations, with WebPros firmly holding the umbrella to keep attendees covered. 

Of course, we made our presence felt by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional innovations to the community – showcasing the diverse set of solutions WebPros has in place. And with an impressive line-up of experts, the WebPros family was more than eager to engage again with emerging trends and best practices amidst the ever-growing cloud community.

The WebPros Booth

Of course, we all know that when it comes to hosting or dressing up a booth, WebPros is simply the best, staying miles above the rest. And this year was no different – the WebPros booth was buzzing with excitement and energy throughout the event as attendees thronged the stand, eager to explore what was in store. Visitors had the opportunity to witness firsthand the wide range of innovations within the Webpros brand portfolio while engaging conversations between the WebPros team and attendees fostered a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

cPanel in the spotlight

This year’s event was powered by cPanel, meaning we took center stage at CloudFest USA ‘23, garnering significant attention as industry leaders and attendees flocked to the WebPros booth to explore the latest features and functionalities. From seamless website management to comprehensive server administration, cPanel showcased its power in simplifying the complexities of web hosting altogether.

WebPros Keynote Sessions

At the heart of this cloud extravaganza, we saw the WebPros Keynotes, captivating sessions that transported the audience to the forefront of the digital landscape. These sessions were treasure troves of wisdom for those hungry to unravel the mysteries of the next-gen solutions that fuel the very essence of a complete digital presence.

For the first keynote, we saw the usual kick-off with our CTO for cloud platform products, Jan Loeffler, warming the stage to cover the essential building blocks that underpin business success, addressing critical questions on creating a robust web enablement ecosystem and leveraging the right tools for business growth.

The second keynote introduced WP Squared, an innovative WordPress experience catering to all users – a one-stop WordPress management solution. A user-friendly and competitive WordPress offering with a fully-configured WordPress-optimized infrastructure. Its performance is optimized for WordPress, with improved server and site performance, zero integration barriers, and flexible customization options, WP Squared simply offers high-quality performance and security directly out of the box.

The next keynote focused on how to go above and beyond WordPress security, highlighting powerful tools and strategies to ensure the lasting safety of your WordPress websites. Here’s where WP Guardian comes in place, the ultimate WordPress security where protection meets perfection. WP Guardian offers an effective WordPress security experience for all. With this game-changing security solution, WordPress users are set for flexible management, non-intrusive virtual patching, server scans, and complete infrastructure analysis.

Following closely was a keynote conversation with Jesse Asklund, CXO at WebPros, together with InterNetX and Verisign, to discuss the importance of domain names and why they continue to matter going forward.

Lastly, the final keynote explored WHMCS as a transformative solution for businesses venturing into the digital presence realm. Attendees discovered the meaning of digital presence and learned how WHMCS enables the delivery of comprehensive solutions, fostering long-term customer loyalty and maximizing lifetime value.

WebPros Academy Sessions

Besides the above-mentioned Keynote Sessions, we were also live with the WebPros Academy – offering the community a series of episodes dedicated to the next-gen solutions that power a digital presence for all.

In Episode 1, XOVI NOW and Modern SEO, participants learned about task-based and data-driven website optimization to stay ahead in the SEO landscape. Episode 2 focused on how to use MarketConnect to expand your product lines without increasing any costs, utilizing ready-made marketing assets for upselling.

Episode 3 explored optimizing shared hosting fleets with cPanel, while Episode 4 highlighted the power of extensions. With Episode 5, we delved into how agencies can leverage WHMCS for comprehensive web hosting solutions, and in Episode 6, participants discovered the importance of 360 Monitoring beyond downtime notifications. 

Finally, the encore episode featured the Ultimate MariaDB Masterclass with creator Monty Widenius, where we saw Monty answering questions about database tuning while offering insights into the future of database management.

A Warm Thank You to the Community

The WebPros family extends heartfelt gratitude to the community whose unwavering support and enthusiasm continue to drive this remarkable event. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration together.

As the world’s top internet infrastructure industry event, CloudFest helps set the tone for our industry. A who’s who of partners, leaders, consumers, end users, and executives gather in Europa Park, Germany, for presentations, discussions, product launches and demos, face-to-face meetings, and so much more.

We appreciate the opportunity that CloudFest provides us to not only showcase the flagship brands of our ecosystem (cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS), but also connect with our partners and colleagues. We had an amazing time meeting one-on-one and attending the myriad of presentations, keynotes, and panels.

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Our very own CTO of Cloud Platform and Incubation Projects, Jan Loeffler, kicked things off with his keynote presentation “WordPress by the Numbers.”

This guide to the galaxy of WordPress revealed there are over two billion hostnames worldwide, over 717 million of which are active within the WebPros domain database, and over 80 million of those hostnames are running WordPress as its primary CMS.

Jan went on to reveal some of our research, including that 60% of websites are built by web age

ncies and web professionals, and that over 80% of agencies resell hosting. It was also shared that 1 out of every 3 WordPress websites on the internet are powered by a WebPros control panel, either cPanel or Plesk.

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WebPros Product Managers Adam Wien and Andrey Kugaevskiy presented “WordPress & WebPros: Elevating UX & Fortifying Security in the WordPress Universe.”

This served as the official launch of our two new WordPress-centric products: WP Guardian and WP Squared. Andrey and Adam led the audience through how to leverage these products to deliver top-notch management of WordPress site with WP Squared and industry-leading protection of WordPress websites with WP Guardian.

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“The Influence of AI in Hosting: Expanding Your Revenue Horizons” was also presented by Jan Loeffler.

By bridging the gap between his own grandfather’s local winery 30 years ago and today’s eCommerce-centric global storefront, Jan led the captive audience into the modern world of AI-driven solutions and how to leverage these solutions for smarter resource allocation, predictive maintenance, enhanced security, and overall pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the cloud and hosting market in general.

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Hendrik Koehler, Director of Product Management of Sitejet, presented a masterclass entitled “Sitejet Builder for cPanel and Plesk: Unlocking Profit Potential.” By framing the dramatically changing hosting market against the growth of SaaS providers alongside WordPress, Hendrick presented Sitejet Builder as the user-friendly, feature-packed, and overall powerful tool that it is.

With its inclusion within both cPanel and Plesk, Hendrick illustrated exactly how Sitejet Builder enables users to launch optimized websites and stay competitive in an increasingly aggressive and expanding space.

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CloudFest is always a whirlwind event, filled with fruitful meetings, interesting and compelling presentations, discussions, product demonstrations, as well as the spontaneous interactions and overall unexpectedness we’ve come to appreciate that all coalesce into CloudFest being the outstanding event that it is.

Of course we’ll be returning to Europa Park again in 2025, but first: June 5-8, 2024, is CloudFest USA in Austin, Texas; we’ll see you there, pard’ner!

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