Coming Soon: Sitejet Builder’s Integration into cPanel



At WebPros, we understand the importance of providing reliable tools and support to help web professionals, agencies, and small and mid-sized businesses like yours thrive and enhance their hosting environment. Your growth and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we’re constantly working to improve our services to meet your current and future needs.

As a result, our teams have been working relentlessly to integrate a revolutionary site builder into our control panels. And we’re excited to announce that Sitejet Builder for cPanel is on its way, ready to cater for the demands of expanding digital presences.

Elevating Your Offering with the Power of Integration

Throughout our journey together, we have been dedicated to understanding and addressing your business challenges. That’s why our product line is designed to streamline website and server management, making our solutions easy to use and convenient to monetize.

Now, with the introduction of the fully integrated Sitejet Builder for cPanel, we are unlocking an even bigger world of opportunities for you and your business. 

This cutting-edge solution enables you to offer an easy-to-use, no-code site builder for all skill levels, helping you compete with SaaS DIY builders and expand your customer base without risking churn or jeopardizing retention. Moreover, Sitejet Builder is included with cPanel licenses at no additional cost, giving you an edge over competitors and allowing you to earn revenue by setting a price and retaining all profits.

And that’s not all. As a cPanel partner, you can benefit from white-labeling options, pre-made marketing assets, and technical support during onboarding to efficiently attract new customers and start selling quickly.

Coming soon: Sitejet Builder for cPanel

Effortless Website Development and Management for all Audiences

Powered by the latest technologies and optimized for hosting environments, Sitejet Builder is an extremely user-friendly website builder that doesn’t require coding or design expertise. It lets anyone easily create, design, and publish high-performing, fully responsive, and SEO-optimized websites regardless of their technical background.

All from within their control panel, streamlining workflows and saving time. Websites will be automatically installed, hosted, and secured on the cPanel server, ensuring peak performance despite increased demands. What’s more, Sitejet Builder’s integration extends to domain management and scaling, offering enhanced multi-site management capabilities.

When you offer Sitejet Builder for cPanel to your customers, you are equipping them with the following features and more:

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop editor and access to over 140 professionally designed website templates
  • An AI-powered text generator, dynamic content, and a library of free stock images and videos for easy content creation and embedding
  • Built-in SEO tools, eCommerce functionality, and customizable widgets for centralized management
  • Complete design flexibility (HTML, CSS, JS), automated and manual backups, and regular CMS updates for a seamless user experience


Release Date and Other Updates

We can’t wait to introduce Sitejet Builder to your cPanel bundle. Together, we can make website creation and management simpler and more accessible than ever, ensuring everyone can effortlessly bring their ideas to life

If you’re just as excited as we are and want to be among the first to try it out, join our waitlist now to receive all the latest updates, including the highly anticipated launch date.

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