WebPros at WordCamp US 2023



With echoes of excitement still lingering in the air, we are eager to share with our community the latest news from the WebPros team on the floor at WordCamp US 2023

As the curtains closed on this flagship WordPress event, held at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, Maryland, WebPros left an indelible mark on both the WordPress community and the event itself. 

Join us as we recap the highlights of the event, together with the innovations unveiled during WebPros’ journey at WordCamp US.

Contributor Day with WebPros

Our team was eager to embrace the spirit of collaboration by participating in Contributor Day. This special day forms a continuous highlight to the WordCamp events, and was this year once again dedicated to open-source contributions to the WordPress Community. 

By actively engaging in this event, we were able to show our commitment to giving back to the community that forms the foundation of WordPress for all. At the same time, Contributor’s day offered our team the chance to exchange insights with fellow experts, gain expertise into emerging trends, and broaden our understanding of the WordPress landscape altogether.

The WebPros Booth

WordCamp US is not just an event; it is an immersive experience that brings together WordPress enthusiasts, experts, and novices all under one roof. Especially when all things come together right at the Webpros booth, where our dedicated team eagerly awaited the WordPress community.

The WebPros booth served once again as a bustling hub of activity throughout the event. With insightful presentations, engaging talks, and live demonstrations, the latest innovations and offerings were on full display. From lightning talks to innovative workshops, WordCamp offers a contribution to the team’s growth and broadening understanding of both WordPress and its community.

Whilst collaborating with partners, WebPros was able to generate awareness and interest for WP Toolkit products, sparking conversations and connections that will have a lasting impact.

WP Squared: One-Stop WordPress Management

WebPros’ WP Squared took center stage, offering a revolutionary approach to WordPress management. Powered by cPanel, WP Squared redefines hosting by offering a WordPress-centric user experience, high-performance, and seamless integration

At WordCamp US we were able to captivate the audience by WP Squared’s flexibility, customizations options, and powerful security features – setting a new benchmark for WordPress management going forward.

Multiply your business WP Squared, powered by cPanel.

 Competitive hosting solution for cPanel partners
 WordPress-centric user experience
 High-performing cPanel server

 Fully API-driven & powerful security features out-of-the-box

 Zero-barrier integration & flexible infrastructure customization

 Visit the website.

WP Guardian: Effortless WordPress Security For All

In a world where security is paramount, WebPros introduces WP Guardian – a game-changing security solution for all

Its features, including flexible management, non-intrusive virtual patching, WordPress server scans, and comprehensive infrastructure analysis, resonated deeply with attendees at the floor in Maryland. WP Guardian showcases WebPros’ dedication to ensuring the WordPress ecosystem remains secure and reliable for all WordPress users.

Embrace game-changing security for your WordPress websites.

 Flexible management
 Non-intrusive virtual patching
 WordPress server scans

 Complete infrastructure analysis

 Visit the website.

The WordPress Community

WordCamp US is not just about showcasing new products, but also about connecting with the WordPress community. Therefore it was a pleasure for the WebPros team to be able to actively engage in conversations, both formal and informal, gaining insights from fellow enthusiasts, partners, and users alike. These interactions, more often than not, provide invaluable feedback that contribute to refining WebPros’ services and products, ultimately benefiting the customers and WordPress community in return.

It was a real pleasure to once again connect with you all, and we are eagerly looking forward to unveiling the next chapter in our WordPress adventure!

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