How HostPress Benefits From 360 Monitoring



As any cloud-based business is well aware, downtime and poor performance can negatively affect both your core business as well as your customers’. Monitoring tools help, but they must fit like a glove and be easy to use.

So, as a member of the WebPros community, what is the best solution to unnoticed downtime and poor performance? Well, good news: Among the WebPros brands, there is a product that offers just what you need: 360 Monitoring

To see it in action, let’s talk to one of our valued partners, HostPress, and see how 360 Monitoring has been a great fit for them.

What is 360 Monitoring?

With 360 Monitoring, you’re empowered and enabled to resolve downtime and other issues immediately before your customers even know there was any hiccup in service.

The idea is to prevent downtime, but it also benefits your business in many other ways, including user journey, conversions, search engine rankings, SSL checks, and other critical metrics. Ultimately, you’ll be increasing sales and improving that bottom line.

360 Monitoring is a comprehensive solution designed with easy-to-use dashboards that measure your website’s health, performance, and uptime. When any issues are detected, you are immediately notified via email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, Slack, etc.
This allows you to take immediate action to resolve any issue before it becomes any more problematic or even catastrophic.

HostPress has been utilizing 360 Monitoring since October 2022. We sat down with HostPress CEO Marcus and Engineer Adrian to learn about HostPress and how 360 Monitoring has made their work much easier, more efficient, and improved customer relations. 

About HostPress

After testing for nearly a year, beginning in 2015, HostPress was officially trademarked and launched in 2016. Exclusively a B2B business, they are highly specialized in their service and geographic region, allowing HostPress to service their customers in ways that exceed what most traditional web hosts offer.

Part of this is ensuring that their server farm remains operational, available, optimized, and running smoothly.

“HostPress is a highly specialized WordPress hosting company.”

HostPress Logo

HostPress x 360 Monitoring

In the past, HostPress utilized various third-party and open-source monitoring tools but quickly found them too limited in functionality, not granular enough, or overly costly.

Initially, HostPress began testing 360 Monitoring due to their established relationship with Plesk. Ultimately, they found the usability and transparency of the tool to be vastly superior to the other monitoring tools on the market:

“You get more information in a shorter time.”

Having found that 360 Monitoring was intuitive to use right out of the box, with accurate and up-to-date documentation, HostPress determined that 360 Monitoring was the perfect solution for their hosting environment.

Depending on your customer base, 360 Monitoring can be resold as a white-label product to your customers. However, the nature of HostPress’s business doesn’t include this model. Instead, they utilize 360 Monitoring as an internal tool to manage their own servers, then have that value in the service to their customers. As such, 360 Monitoring is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in multiple ways.

For example, HostPress utilizes the notification functionality and the 360 Monitoring data to advise customers when to upgrade to a more powerful server based on resource utilization over time and data trends.

“You need more power. You need more RAM.”

And since 360 Monitoring provides the empirical data to support this recommendation, the customer doesn’t have to worry that it’s simply an unnecessary upsell attempt.

This ability to analyze a server’s performance over time is one of the many great features that 360 Monitoring provides. You can then predict and anticipate future needs and become more proactive in your business.

Server Performance Screenshot 360 Monitoring

Data Builds Trust

One of the most useful functionalities of any monitoring tool is the historical data, reporting, and enablement of trend identification. Additionally, the ability to provide reports to customers based on historical data, trending issues, or performance has proven to be particularly valuable.

“When a customer asks ‘is my web page stable?’ we can create a PDF showing the uptime for the past months.”

HostPress uses this aspect of 360 Monitoring to determine several things: For example, suppose there is a slow query on MySQL servers running WooCommerce. With 360 Monitoring, it takes only moments to determine potential causes and whether the issue is isolated to one server or occurring on all similarly configured servers. The amount of time this saves can translate directly into revenue.

Improved Customer Relations

360 Monitoring has also helped improve customer relations in certain aspects. It empowers a business to reach out for any impending issues proactively and facilitates easier communication based on the readability of the generated reports.

“I would say the relationship with our customers is improving because now we can show them graphics.”

Sometimes simple things make a huge difference in communicating complex ideas to less technical customers. HostPress also reports reduced support times.

For example, if a website is down, it’s immediately determinable whether it’s a server or a CMS issue. With the guesswork removed, it’s much easier to identify and resolve whatever the fundamental issue may be. This ability garners additional trust from the customer. It improves the overall relationship, making the most out of what could quickly spiral into a very stressful situation resulting from a down website.

Always Improving

HostPress also identified several other benefits of 360 Monitoring, including the API functionality and overall value for the price. Every tool has room for improvement, and HostPress and other customers continue to provide our team with feedback on improving or adding features to best serve their needs.

Backed by the WebPros group of companies, 360 Monitoring is collectively powered by powerhouse names like cPanel®, Plesk®, and WHMCS®. With more benefits and customizations on the way, we encourage you to try 360 Monitoring for your business!

See below how to take the next step and activate 360 Monitoring for your business now. 

360 Monitoring on MarketConnect

360 Monitoring Now Available for WHMCS Users

WHMCS MarketConnect is a digital services platform enabling you to buy and resell value-added services to your customers using WHMCS through one single centralized platform.

And it’s super easy to use, too. Automate everything from purchase to provisioning and management. No upfront fees, no minimum requirements, and no API integration required. 

Resell 360 Monitoring via MarketConnect with one-click enablement, integrated instant site check, and single sign-on for end users. Profit from pre-packaged landing pages and promotional widgets, so you can start selling immediately. 

Help your customers identify potential server & site issues before they occur! 

How to Activate 360 Monitoring

MarketConnect WHMCS Logo

For MarketConnect

WHMCS MarketConnect is a platform for reselling products and services to your customers via your WHMCS installation.

Start selling 360 Monitoring in under 30 seconds via MarketConnect from WHMCS and grow your product line-up without increasing costs!

How to Activate:

Within your WHMCS installation, navigate to >> System Settings >> MarketConnect >> 360 Monitoring to get started today!

Not Using WHMCS yet? Automate your web hosting business with WHMCS!

cPanel Logo

For cPanel Manage2

cPanel is an intuitive server and site hosting platform with customer-first support and a rich feature set.

Enhance your cPanel offer with 360 Monitoring. It proactively identifies potential issues, allowing you and your clients to prevent costly downtime and ensure maximum uptime.

Log in to Manage 2 to add 360 Monitoring licenses and start selling 360 Monitoring with attractive margins!

How to Activate:

In your Manage2 account, navigate to Add Licenses >> add your Group and 360 Monitoring Package >> Confirm or optionally Edit the number of website and server monitors >> Copy & follow the Activation Code link to start using or share it for reselling!
Or you can easily integrate through API.

Not a cPanel partner yet? Maximize your business growth by becoming a cPanel partner.

Plesk Logo

For plesk

Plesk is a cloud-based web hosting control panel enabling you to build, secure, and run websites and applications.

On the Plesk platform, the 360 Monitoring tool is now fully integrated with the in-house Monitoring tool. With just one click to sync your 360 Monitoring account, you can add value to your clients’ infrastructure while streamlining their website management experience.

How to Activate:

Within your Plesk Partner Central, navigate to >> Buy New License>> Add 360 Monitoring keys >> Select 360 Monitoring Package & Add to Basket >> Confirm the number of licenses >> Add the number of websites and server monitors (optional) >> Copy & follow the “Activation Code” link to start using or share it for reselling!
Or you can easily integrate through API.

Not a Plesk partner yet? Become a Plesk partner for personalized solutions at competitive prices.

As the world’s top internet infrastructure industry event, CloudFest helps set the tone for our industry. A who’s who of partners, leaders, consumers, end users, and executives gather in Europa Park, Germany, for presentations, discussions, product launches and demos, face-to-face meetings, and so much more.

We appreciate the opportunity that CloudFest provides us to not only showcase the flagship brands of our ecosystem (cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS), but also connect with our partners and colleagues. We had an amazing time meeting one-on-one and attending the myriad of presentations, keynotes, and panels.

Title section

Our very own CTO of Cloud Platform and Incubation Projects, Jan Loeffler, kicked things off with his keynote presentation “WordPress by the Numbers.”

This guide to the galaxy of WordPress revealed there are over two billion hostnames worldwide, over 717 million of which are active within the WebPros domain database, and over 80 million of those hostnames are running WordPress as its primary CMS.

Jan went on to reveal some of our research, including that 60% of websites are built by web age

ncies and web professionals, and that over 80% of agencies resell hosting. It was also shared that 1 out of every 3 WordPress websites on the internet are powered by a WebPros control panel, either cPanel or Plesk.

Title section

WebPros Product Managers Adam Wien and Andrey Kugaevskiy presented “WordPress & WebPros: Elevating UX & Fortifying Security in the WordPress Universe.”

This served as the official launch of our two new WordPress-centric products: WP Guardian and WP Squared. Andrey and Adam led the audience through how to leverage these products to deliver top-notch management of WordPress site with WP Squared and industry-leading protection of WordPress websites with WP Guardian.

Title section

“The Influence of AI in Hosting: Expanding Your Revenue Horizons” was also presented by Jan Loeffler.

By bridging the gap between his own grandfather’s local winery 30 years ago and today’s eCommerce-centric global storefront, Jan led the captive audience into the modern world of AI-driven solutions and how to leverage these solutions for smarter resource allocation, predictive maintenance, enhanced security, and overall pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the cloud and hosting market in general.

Title section

Hendrik Koehler, Director of Product Management of Sitejet, presented a masterclass entitled “Sitejet Builder for cPanel and Plesk: Unlocking Profit Potential.” By framing the dramatically changing hosting market against the growth of SaaS providers alongside WordPress, Hendrick presented Sitejet Builder as the user-friendly, feature-packed, and overall powerful tool that it is.

With its inclusion within both cPanel and Plesk, Hendrick illustrated exactly how Sitejet Builder enables users to launch optimized websites and stay competitive in an increasingly aggressive and expanding space.

Title section

CloudFest is always a whirlwind event, filled with fruitful meetings, interesting and compelling presentations, discussions, product demonstrations, as well as the spontaneous interactions and overall unexpectedness we’ve come to appreciate that all coalesce into CloudFest being the outstanding event that it is.

Of course we’ll be returning to Europa Park again in 2025, but first: June 5-8, 2024, is CloudFest USA in Austin, Texas; we’ll see you there, pard’ner!

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